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October 2014 - CSMG Capital Solutions

02 Oct


Money Making Moms by Thais Mills

October 2, 2014 | By |

Frances Smith-Dean is the Director of Development for Real Life Educational Foundation in Memphis Tenn and has mastered money for more than half of her life. From the high school walls of Abramson in New Orleans, La to Dallas. Frances is called on to talk all things money. What drives her is the ability to systemically change her community.


When it comes to thriving within the realm of Economic Education Mrs. Smith-Dean has served as the New Orleans Public Schools Money Matter$ Coordinator from 1994 to 1999, Registered investment adviser for Chicago based company Retirement Plan advisers, she served as a Retirement Specialist for over 1000 clients at the City of New Orleans and the Regional Transit Authority. She left the school district in 1999 to consultant with Metro Vision School to Reform for the seven parish area where Frances developed the World of Finance Curriculum. While living in Dallas she had the opportunity to speak about the Money Matters Program the national achievements and community impact that the Money Matters program made on the entire City of New Orleans.


30 years of finance education sits proudly on the belt on Frances Smith-Dean which makes her a honorary member of the “Moms Making Money” Blog.


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